In this life, there are nothing but possibilities.

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1.) Who was your first best friend? How old were you?  The first one I can remember is Nikki and I think I was 12

2.) What was your first favorite song (something on the radio. not a nursery rhyme. lol)? Hello Darlin-Conway Twitty

3.) What was your worst injury?  When my cat bit me couldn’t walk normal for over a month

4.) Who was your favorite teacher you’ve ever had?  Ms. Harris second Grade

5.) Who was your first crush?  Leonardo Dicaprio

6.) Do you play an instrument? If so, what?  No :(

7.) College major  Criminal Justice

8.) Most embarrassing moment-  Okay this will be TMI but it was when I started my period at school yeah how’s that for embarrassing

9,) Favorite TV show as a kid?  Punky Brewster

10.) What was the first movie you ever saw in the theater?  Halloween 6:  The Curse of Michael Myers

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"Yeah, cause I know a lot of Castle’s, Martha!"

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Scott Eastwood


Scott Eastwood


Sir, by the power vested in me, by the NYPD..

My favourite thing about this scene is how it’s still evident that he winds her up.. by just being him. You can say she’s softened a bit and that it’s always shown and she loves him for it but its scenes like these I live for because its so Castle and its so Beckett. Like even though they’re together they’re still who they were before they were together. He literally takes it upon himself acting as ‘Captain’ enjoying his role even if it is for a few minutes and Becketts giving him the death stare thats like ‘boy you gon’ get it’ and you can guarantee castles still gonna be getting these looks when they’re old.

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Oh wow awesome, well listen anon feel free to stop by my ask box anytime I am always looking for someone to talk to so don’t be shy

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Another night of nothing to watch, so bored and lonely and mom isn’t talking to anyone cause she ‘s in one of her “Moods”

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send me a colour

Deep Red - I’m in love with you.
 - I love you.
 - I think you’re cute.
 - You’re amazing.
Rose - You’re pretty
 - You’re hot.
Plum - I would fuck you.
Violet - I would date you.
Aqua - I could stay on your blog for hours.
 - You are my tumblr crush.
Orange - I want to get to know you.
 - We have a lot in common.
 - I wish you would notice me.
Cream - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog